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The notion of giving a giant monster an artificial heart may be a goofy one, but director John Guillermin and everyone else involved treats the scenario with a straight face, too, like an outsized episode of ER. Despite a tense moment where some clumsy oaf nearly drops the mechanical heart directly into Kong's bleeding chest cavity, the operation is pronounced a success. Outside, a crowd of Kong fans has gathered in their novelty hats and T-shirts, and a news anchor, in a line worthy of Alan Partridge, announces that "Kong mania has arrived!

Everyone's gone bananas!

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While Kong's recuperating after his operation, possibly with a skip full of grapes sitting next to his hospital bed, Lady Kong's languishing in an aircraft hangar approximately one mile away, described by one character as "the world's biggest ladies' dressing room. Lady Kong's distinct musk causes King Kong to stir from his anaesthetised slumber "Horny sonofabitch!

He smells the female half a mile away! This is all good timing, because a group of army and scientist types is making a terrible hash of sedating Lady Kong and carting her off in a giant net. Having refused to eat her consignment of drugged bananas, Lady Kong's growling at a line-up of mechanical diggers when King Kong tears off the side of the hangar and comes to the rescue.

It's here, in the midst of all the crashing cars, fires and panicking soldiers, that romance begins to flourish. The apes spy each other for the first time, and romantic clarinet music plays as the two stare into each other's eyes. Kong, the old romantic, picks up Lady Kong and carries her away from the shouting and chaos like a giant groom on his very hairy wedding night.

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We later learn that the pair have rushed off into the wilderness - probably because King Kong Lives' budget wouldn't stretch to the construction of a miniature city for the actors in ape suits to stomp about on. Shortly after the Kongs have made their escape, we meet the villain of the piece: Lieutenant Colonel Archie Nevitt, played by John Ashton. A character with an unremarked hatred for giant apes or maybe just outsized creatures in general , Nevitt plans to gas the Kongs and drag them back to captivity.

The Kongs, meanwhile, are enjoying country life in a peaceful tract of the US countryside, which a sign tells us is called Honeymoon Ridge. King Kong, who must have learned how to read in Manhattan or something, obviously chose the spot to seduce Lady Kong, the saucy old devil. The sign's also a handy wink to adult audience members that, yes folks, the apes will be having sex. Considering the actors - Peter Elliott King Kong and George Yiasoumi Lady Kong - are essentially fumbling about in giant ape suits, the depiction of inter-ape romance isn't badly portrayed.

There's also a touching moment where Lady Kong soothes Mr Kong's sore knee with a handful of cool water, causing Mr Kong to grin blissfully. It's a pity the filmmakers didn't provide some subtitles to some of these intimate moments. Perhaps we'd find out whether King Kong told Lady Kong about his previous crush on Jessica Lange, which, let's face it, is why he's now stuck in the middle of nowhere with an artificial heart and Linda Hamilton out of The Terminator spying on his every move.

Which leads us to Dr Franklin carries around some sort of portable heart monitoring unit, which she has to use to make delicate adjustments to Kong's electronic ticker, and also ensure it doesn't give out under the strain of army helicopter attacks and his off-screen fornication with Lady Kong. But by constantly getting under King Kong's feet, and fussing over his whereabouts, Dr Franklin inadvertently contributes to the creature's downfall.

As Kong goes on one of his countryside rambles later in the film, he steps on the heart monitoring unit, destroying it. Fun fact: Peter Weller was originally going to star in King Kong Lives, but he ultimately made the wise decision to turn the role down in favour of the lead in RoboCop. In a dramatic mid-point scene, Lady Kong's whisked away by the army while King Kong is off gathering fresh trees to eat for breakfast. Enraged by the sight of Lady Kong swinging from the underside of a Chinook helicopter, King begins throwing army jeeps around like toys which, if you look closely, is exactly what they are.

Dates given for episodes are US television premier dates. Early release dates on iTunes, the CN app, or via leaks are not shown. Adventure Time Travel: Part 1 of 4 Level Travel: Part 4 of 4 Fishsling. Ewlbo: Part 1 of 4 The Meaning of Bravery. A, You're Adventurous! Sour Problems in Sweet Town. Ice King's Dungeon: Part 4 of 4 Ambitreacherous! Adventure Me Grocery Time: Part 1 of 2. Pixel Princesses The Mind of Gunter. Sunset on Candy Kingdom.

The Gum: Part 3 of 4 Booty and the Beast. The Flip Side: Part 1 of 6. The Flip Side: Part 2 of 6. The Flip Side: Part 3 of 6. Ghost Machine: Part 1 of 4 Sphagnum Shmagnum. The Flip Side: Part 4 of 6. Baby Cakes Bake a Cake. The Flip Side: Part 5 of 6.

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The Flip Side: Part 6 of 6. The Mnemonoid: Part 1 of 4 Lemongrab's Makeover. Banana Guard Academy: Part 2 of 6. Banana Guard Academy: Part 3 of 6. The Mnemonoid: Part 3 of 4. Banana Guard Academy: Part 4 of 6. Banana Guard Academy: Part 5 of 6.

Little Billy and His King Cavity Adventure

Banana Guard Academy: Part 6 of 6. The Case of the Missing Thing. He was arguably the most popular and recognizable superhero of the s. Then there was a problem. On the one hand, there was Captain Marvel, a black-haired all-American feller in a costume with a lot of bright red, who can punch through cars and stop robbers Admittedly, this described a lot of superheroes back then and even today! DC Comics brought the case to court, and Fawcett fought it out for a while it didn't help that there was a Fawcett editorial memo directing the artist to make Captain Marvel look "more like Superman".

Eventually, though, the superheroes stopped selling so well , and Fawcett decided to throw in the towel; they closed down their comics division and moved on. The name " Marvel ", however, would return to haunt DC Comics. Fawcett couldn't take advantage of this, because the settlement with DC had specified that they never publish a Captain Marvel comic again, but eventually, DC themselves expressed interest in the character. Fawcett licensed the whole shebang to DC with the latter eventually buying the rights lock, stock and barrel , and after a couple of tryouts, they put out a new series in Unfortunately, they couldn't actually call the series "Captain Marvel", because Marvel Comics had snapped up the name in the meantime and created their own character , and eventually a string of characters, by that name , so they titled it Shazam!

The series, though never a hot seller, did fairly well and even found a way to update its look from the simple, but dated, cartooniness of C. Incidentally, it's rather ambiguous who has the edge since Captain Marvel doesn't have Supes' vision and breath powers , but his powers are magic based which is a traditional weakness for Superman.

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Hilarity Ensued. The major change is that whereas Billy and Captain Marvel were largely considered two separate people, now Captain Marvel was unambiguously set with Billy's youthful personality.

This means to others, this supposedly adult superhero has the personality of a child, albeit guided by the wisdom of Solomon. This has led to awkward situations more than once and when he was forced to reveal his true form to Superman in First Thunder , the Kryptonian made a bee-line to Shazam to confront him about recruiting a child as his champion. Also, the formation of the Marvel Family was reversed with Mary Marvel, who was the last major addition to arrive outside of Mr.

Tawky Tawny in the original stories, usually meeting her brother first, then Jr. Marvels considered strictly afterthoughts if they are included at all.

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So after a few comics and a brief membership spot in the Justice League of America , Captain Marvel became part of the wider DC continuity. Whenever they needed a Superman-level fighter who was immune to kryptonite or magic, particularly when Superman is being mind-controlled or a similar emergency, he was there. Whenever Wonder Woman needed to hit someone we didn't care about, he was there. Whenever villains needed someone hokey to fight, thus proving they were a Superstitious And Cowardly Lot, he was there.